You Should Know About Most Complete & Comprehensive SEO Checklist

Since I started my digital marketing journey in 2007, I have tried many SEO technique.

Most of the techniques include white hat and even black hat tricks!

My website daily traffic went from zero to a few hundred thousand until a few times my shared hosting suspended my account because of massive daily traffic with a reason of over use server resources.

From all this year, I have gained a lot of experience and compile my self a comprehensive SEO checklist that every website need.

I will more bias into the content management system using WordPress. If you are using others CMS or custom build website, you may use below SEO checklist as a reference, this SEO checklist will applicable for any kind of website platform.

Fundamental Of Search Engine Optimization
For Fundamental Search Engine Optimization, we focus on below setting:

Install Google Tag Manager (GTM)
Google Tag Manager help you manage all the tags. It helps to improve your website speed, as the tag management takes all the tracking codes that are in your header tag and it combines them into one little JavaScript file.

Using GTM, you can easily configure without need your developer team to add on those tracking code into your website. Example your analytics code, AdWords tracking pixels.SEO Checklist Facebook pixels and all kinds of code for tracking conversion and remarketing purpose. During your page loading, all this code has to be loaded 1 by 1, yet by using GTM, it pulls just 1 code where contain all this tracking features.

Setting up Google Analytics (GA)
Google Analytics is a tool that able to track your traffics, we also use it to measure our marketing ROI.
It is a tool with more user oriented, let you monitor how your visitor interact with your website.

Similar like Google Analytics, submitting your URL into Google Search Console is like what I describe in my quote, introduce yourself to Google. It brings a large impact, especially for a new website. It is a must have SEO checklist for every website.